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What is SCD?

Scottish Country Dancing, which is Scottish folk dance or simply the traditional ballroom dancing of Scotland.

few different steps, some basic figures, an infinite number of combinations, mostly 4 couples in a set and Scottish music.

The couples each dance a sequence of figures uniquely determined for each dance, dancing together with their partner and the other couples. In brief each dancer leaves their original position and eventually reaches it again at the end of the dance in an interesting, enjoyable and varied manner.


 The dances can be quite simple, so that you can dance without much prior experience, or so complicated that you have to be quite advanced for everything to work the way the inventor of the dance intended. This is exactly the attraction for many dancers, whereas other dancers simply love to dance with others.

Come and join us celebrating the joy and fun of SCD. You don't need a partner, will keep fit and meet other enthusiasts.

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